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Dear customers who live abroad and own property in Turkey...

Let us deal with the problems of your property with our 2200 expert attorneys and 957 real estate consultants in 81 provinces and 957 counties.... You take a vacation with your family!

Does your assurance equal to a contribution amounting € 240.00 per year?

Expected scope of consultations is not based on the rent you collect. It is expected for home owners to need consultancy services less for a leased flat, apartment or shop and the relevant basic category is taken into consideration. Need for consultancy increases accordingly and could be classified in terms of basic, premium or special category but in this case, relationship survey is not conducted. If desired, other services can be selected

Consultancy Services 

Being informed by phone is FREE

1. Audit and preparation of bargain and sale contracts ( free )

2. Determination of real estate suitable for your economic state and demand ( free )

3. Real estate financing consultancy ( free )

4. Real estate appraisal service  ( chargeable )

5. Audit and preparation of preliminary contract for sale of real estate ( chargeable )

6. Legal consultancy for bargain and sale and renting procedures of real estate and real estate acquisition by foreigners. ( chargeable )

7. Investigation and appraisal of legal and financial status of real estate. ( chargeable )

8. Monthly follow up of rent payments of real estate and yearly follow up of rental income. ( free )

9. Fact finding reporting about legal status. ( chargeable )

10. Audit and preparation of mortgage contracts. ( chargeable )

11. Procedures of establishing mortgage and lien. ( chargeable )

12. Audit and preparation of construction contracts. ( chargeable )

13. Execution of required procedures before related institutions and organizations. ( chargeable )

14. Audit and preparation of construction contracts in return for flat. ( chargeable )

15. Audit and preparation of rental contracts. ( free )

16. Consultancy for disputes arising from Property Ownership Law. ( free )

17. Keeping tabs on legislation and informing the client on the matter. ( chargeable )

18. Auditing compliance of projects with environmental legislation. ( chargeable )

19. Intermediary and proxy services for real estate you want to buy or sell. ( chargeable )

20. Title Deed Transactions. ( chargeable )

21. Preparation of rental contracts and intermediary services for renting your real estate in Turkey by our lawyers to provide their legal security. ( free )

22. Legal consultancy service to real and legal locals and foreigners to minimize risks via risk analysis prior to bargain and sell of real estate. ( free )

23. Preparation of Management Plan. ( free )

24. Consultancy services at office, by phone or in writing within working hours. ( free )

25. Fee of Correspondence by ESB Consultancy on behalf of Property Owner (rent increase, unpaid rents, notice to empty etc.)  ( free )

26. Fee of correspondence by NOTARY PUBLIC on behalf of Property Owner (rent increase, unpaid rents, notice to empty etc.) € 50.00.

27. Fee of WARNING by ESB Consultancy on behalf of Property Owner (rent increase, unpaid rents, notice to empty etc.) ( free )

28. Fee of WARNING by NOTARY PUBLIC on behalf of Property Owner (rent increase, unpaid rents, notice to empty etc.) €50.00.

29. Minutes prepared by ESB Consultancy's expert staff during the evacuation of property ( free )

30. Minutes of INSPECTION prepared by ESB Consultancy's expert staff upon request of Property Owner  ( free )

Our experts will help you with all your questions about property and rent law.

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