Property management contract

/ Property management contract

Property management contract



customer and owner of the object in

consisting of residential units, commercial units and garages / pitches

 and the House Administration Real Estate Management Turkey Gül Lale Düz)

Deniz köşkler Mahallesi E Üzeri 5 Yanyol No 29 / Avcılar/İstanbul


is the following contract:

§  1 appointment and dismissal of the administrator

 the administrator activity starts at... /.. /... up and running indefinitely. The Manager may be terminated by either side with a notice period of three months to the end of each calendar year. Both parties have the right to terminate without notice for good cause. The major reason is to explain in writing in the registered mail.

§  2 General obligations and rights of the administrator  

1. The duties and powers of the liquidator's arise from the contents of this agreement.

2. the administrator has to do what a proper management of the leased property in organizational / business as well as technical in its discretion everything / stock-sustaining respect is necessary. He is obliged to take care of the leased property with care and according to the principles of a prudent businessman; While he has all to observe related legislation and contractual agreements with the administration.

3. the administrator is basically in the name and for the account of the owner and is also compared to tenants, agencies, third parties, companies and other communities authorized exceptionally and Court to represent the owner in all matters

4. the administrator is freed from the restrictions of § 181 BGB.



§ 3 individual tasks of the administrator,

the administrator has to fulfill the following duties in particular:

 1 the administrator has in the context of his administrative tasks to be fulfilled properly after exercising his mandatory discretion generally in agreement with the owner, necessary Contracts concluded and to cancel and to carry out other transactions.

2. solvent tenants to select and to conclude the appropriate contracts to ensure that all legally and lease allowable rent increases.

3. necessary and appropriate insurance for the rental thing to conclude and terminate.

4. for maintenance, repair or modernization measures necessary to initiate and the scope of the measures to be agreed with the owner. The administrator must minutes from the 3 company offering to get and owner forward to vote, the administrator may on its labour costs by the passed offer %25 to strike. Costs which amount to less than €500,00, need not the consent of the owner.

5. compliance with the House rules and the fulfilment of obligations under law incumbent on the owner to monitor.

6. all documents of the object mapped to be kept. Only the owner decides on a possible destruction of old bills, accounts and accounting records.

§  4 further duties of Manager

1.       The administrator has the timely input of lease payments rent Monitor

2.       2 are on the bank account set up by the administration solely for this object

bank details:


Swifft code / BIC :

 to make. All rental inputs and payment transactions are handled via this account.

3.Owner deposited rental revenue an account for the monthly rental income, the administrator calculated current month input/output no later than day in 15 of the follow handed month.

4. the annual statement of accounts using the account is the owner at the latest in the 2nd / 3rd quarter of the following year to hand over.

5. the owner is as the economic owner name at the Bank for the above account.

§ 5 payment

1. The administrator receives for his work following compensation:

2. for the services listed in § 2 and § 3 pays the owner to the liquidator of the company  bought membership summer.


In addition, the administrator is entitled to charge an additional remuneration for the following services:

 a. decrease of the apartment when moving the tenant including acceptance report and billing the deposit €50.00

b. transfer of the apartment at catchment of the lessee incl. Transfer protocol €50,00

c. is every 6 months for the ' object Control Protocol' prepared item Control Protocol €50.00

d.Bei of simultaneous acceptance and handover of an apartment is only a lump sum calculated

3. one-time set-up fee, includes the acquisition of tenant master data, screening and processing of object documentation and the posting of accounting for the current Economic year, write to tenants and supply / disposal per unit will be €30.00

copies for leases is calculated as follows:

 residential €15,00 commercial areas €15,00 cellars and outbuildings €15,00 garages or car - parking €15,00

4.Remuneration for special services

Vergleichsmietberechnuneng and tenants - booster charge for price-not bound apartments; each flat €50.00

separate operating cost increases due to structural changes €30,00

extraordinary services occur after consultation with the owner and are calculated according to expenditure; Compensation per hour at present:

 CEO €60,00                                 clerk €46,00                        trainees €28.00

the administrator is entitled to charge the administrator remuneration and compensation for additional and special services received rent and the MIE to request tkonto by direct debit.

5. the rental of individual units generally requires a separate order and is not part of administrator fees.

6. the legal value added tax is in addition to any fees to pay.

7 all costs incurred by the administrator on notary, lawyer, and court costs, expert - and assessment costs, accounting fees, broker fees, listing costs, room rent etc. and that does not include the management fee by the administrator evidenced by separate invoices are more agreements  

§ 6. Further agreements

1.One of the provisions of this agreement should be totally or partly ineffective or become, so shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this. In such a case, the contract instead to bring his sense in accordance with to carry out is. The invalidity is based on a performance or timing, the statutory maximum level occurs in its place.

2. amendments to this agreement will be effective only if they are agreed in writing and signed by both parties.

Court of jurisdiction is in Turkey where is the object.



Manager power of Attorney / property management authority  

 as the owner of the object in

granted the

Real Estate Management Turkey Denizköşkler Mah.E 5 Yanyol No. 29/3 Avcılar/İstanbul

power of Attorney

of the owner authorizes the administrator under explicit exemption from the regulations of § 181 BGB, to undertake all legal transactions and to make binding statements concerning the management object. The administrator represents the owner towards tenants, authorities and other third parties, as far as claims to claims concerning the management object. This authorization extends to making unilateral legal transactions according to section 174 BGB, in particular on the reminder of outstanding rents and levies.

The administrator is authorised. Tenants, to claim additional costs or other fees in its own name on behalf of the owner. The administrator can be represented in litigation by lawyers.

The administrator is entitled to inspect all files relating to the management object, in particular in the land register and debt instruments.

The administrator can transfer appropriate third administrative tasks arising from the management contract or grant powers of substitution. His liability for the performance of the management contract will not be affected however.

This power of Attorney is to return the owner immediately upon termination of the management agreement.


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