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Compulsory Earthquake Insurance covers financial damages directly caused by earthquakes and fires resulting from earthquakes, explosions, tsunamis and landslides within the limits specified in your policy.

What is the purpose of TCIP?


The objectives of TCIP might be listed as follows:


1) To secure all housings against earthquake,

2) To share the burden of financial damages by reassuring,

3) To reduce the earthquake-related expenses of state and raise funds for future damages.

4) To contribute to healthy structuring in our country.

5) To contribute to the development of insurance consciousness in society as a whole.


These objectives are also important in that they coincide with the common interests of both state and citizens.  


Because of the geological, topographic and climate characteristics of our country, it is observed that natural disasters are frequently experienced. In this context, when the structural damage statistics caused by natural disasters in the last 60 years are taken into consideration, it has been understood that 2/3 of such damages are caused by earthquakes. This situation clearly shows the importance of earthquake insurance. By virtue of anearthquake policy it is possible for you to have a concrete assurance that the state immediately compensates for the financial losses without being related to budgetary facilities.


It is clear that our country is an earthquake country. When current earthquake maps are examined, 96% of our lands seem to be in different earthquake zones at different hazard levels. 98% of the population lives in these regions. Compulsory Earthquake Insurance it is a vital necessity beyond a legal requirement to compensate for any damage that may occur after a possible earthquake.  


There is no difference between the insurance companies in terms of premiums to be paid because policy amount is fixed for buildings in the TCIP insurance. It is enough to visit to fill out the application form to have earthquake insurance or to renew the overdue earthquake insurance. 

Home Insurance

You can protect your valuable place, your home withHome insurance against burglary, fire, demolition etc. You can even include your wares in the scope of guarantee with a very low cost.


  • Fire
  • Flood - Flooding
  • Storm
  • Hit by Land Vehicles
  • Aircraft Strikes
  • Vessel Strikes
  • Damage Caused by Smoke
  • Landslide
  • Strike, lockout, disorder, civil commotion, malicious acts,
  • terror
  • Weight of snow
  • Glass breaking
  • Debris removal expenses
  • Burglary
  • Expenses for change of residence due to damage
  • Personal accidents
  • Accidental damages of audiovisual equipment
  • Personal third party financial liability
  • Fire-explosion financial liability
  • Loss of rent and the deprivation of use
  • Electrical damages


Other Insurance Policies:

1-Vehicle Traffic Insurance and Automobile Insurance

2-Workplace Insurance

Health Insurance

4- Personal Retirement Insurance

5- Travel Insurance

6- Personal Accident Insurance 


In the event that the renter does not fulfill the obligation resulting from the rental agreement for any reason, the rental income loss incurred under the barlease policy was covered as well as the insurance policy.
(Up to 10,000 TL per month)

According to the lease contract, the tenant's rental period is 3 months (3 months), for which the insurer's liability is to be expected.

The monthly rent is limited to 1/12 of the annual rental loss guarantee. The obligation of the insurer to pay the monthly rent and the corresponding compensation ends on the date on which the voluntary claimants decide to settle the payment or the term of the insurance. The insurer is required to pay the monthly rental fee and associated compensation for the duration of the period for which receipt of the receipt and termination of the voluntary action and insurance ends, whichever comes first.

The maximum amount of the insurance fee specified in Article A.1 of the General Conditions for Legal Expenses Insurance and the total amount stated in the policy with the other law is 15% for the attorney's fee and 20% for the court (court). / Execution fees, 5% for advisory fees 10% for security, 15% for legal remedies, 15% for appeal and decision correction law, 15% for warnings and similar expenses. Under this insurance, a 10% exemption from the amount of compensation to be paid in each dispute will be deducted at a minimum of TL 25.00.
Electricity, water, natural gas, etc. expenses incurred in the Riziko area are covered to the same extent as those specified in the policy. The opening and closing fees and subscription fees payable by the original institutions are not included in the guarantee

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