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Property Ownership



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2- We offer management service for your properties between 1 pieces (All Around Turkey)

3- FREE Information by Phone via our Hotline Service

4- FREE OF CHARGE information in a face to face meeting at all of our branches by making an appointment.

5- Exchanging all correspondence on your behalf (additional)

6- You can benefit from our Real Estate Consultancy offices in 81 provinces all around Turkey, you can purchase property, lease your property, sell your property.

7- Access to services of 2200 contractual attorneys throughout Turkey on all legal matters at 5% discount.

8- is a FREE member of our system and you can give a sale and rent notice, you can find your customer property yourself.

9- You can keep track of your file round-the-clock via 2 files specific to you in the system (Attorneyship and Real Estate Consultancy).

10- 2% Discount for Our Members in all Insurance Policies.

11- You can have APPRAISAL Report prepared at 5% discount by our Contractual Real Estate Appraisal (APPRAISAL) Offices Throughout Turkey.

12- ONLY ıs our members;Not 1Year Rental Income, Only 65% of 1 Month Rent Income Pay in Insurance Cost 1Year Rental Income Guaranteed, Not with Your Tenancy Work with our Legal Consultants.

- ( Rent insurence) Does your tenant not pay you rent property? No problem ! With the Rent Insurance every month you are in your rent account. - The right of the property owner to the tenant law enforcement, legal advice, attorney fees and lawsuit fees and expenses insurance in case of execution orders or receivables / evictions Included in the insurance policy.

- Electricity, water, natural gas, etc. not paid by the lessee. Included in the insurance policy.

- Unpaid Apartment Dues Expenses by Tenant,Manager, Ladder Cleaning fee, Common Use Electricity, Water, Natural Gas Included in the insurance policy.

18% VAT is NOT INCLUDED in our prices.

According to articles 1 and 6 of Value Added Tax Act, delivery of goods in Turkey and services rendered in Turkey or benefited from in Turkey even if they are rendered abroad are subject to VAT. Delivery of good and services to foreign companies does not make any difference.



Individual Property, Commercial Property

All the works regarding the organization of renting the property, the proper management of it under commercial and technical conditions shall be ensured at its sole discretion and within the scope of its duties. Property Management Company is responsible for pursuing appropriate care and principle; in doing so, it should observe all the legal provisions and contracts affiliated to the agreement related to the management.

Property Management Company is subject to name and account of the owner of the property. It is authorised to represent Property owner exceptionally and fairly about anything against tenants, official institutions, government offices, third parties, companies and other communities.

In accordance with its justified and discretional responsibilities, it will agree with the property owner generally and then it will make the necessary agreements and other legal transactions and make the cancellation.

To choose the tenants for the property owner’s property that will be rented, to make the appropriate rentings.

To ensure all the insurances to be made regarding the Property including the Compulsory one (DASK/TCIP) and other Insurances, to ensure the insurance policies that will prevent the property owner from suffering damages and loss to be made, filed and monitored on behalf of the Property owner.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY is required to take necessary measures for maintenance, repair or modernisation of the property; to initiate them; and to share information about them to the Property owner.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY is liable to fulfill and audit its obligations towards the property and property owner in accordance with the law.

It shall archive All Official documents and Accounts related to the property in its system and files for a period of time as it is projected by law. The removal or erasure of the documents, of which archive period is extended, can only be done with the consent of the Property owner.

It owns the money kept in the account, which is under the name of PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY and which is used only for the mentioned property of property owner. The Property management company has no rights on the money in this account.

In case that the tenant of the property of the Property owner evacuate the Property, the preparation of 'Delivery of Property Report', the acceptance of the Property on behalf of the Property owner from the tenant and providing the Tenant with the refund of security deposit,

During the renting of the Property again, the preparation of 'Delivery of Property Report', record of it in the system and collection of Security Deposit and Rental income

Preparation of 'Property Control' report regarding the rented or vacant Property of Property management company in every six months and entering it into the system

The works while renting of the Property belongs to the Property owner is to find a Tenant, preparation of Property Transfer reports. Like Preparation of rental contract is not included in the Property management.


The expenses, which are not included in Property Management, are available and shall be met by the Property owner.

The expenses of Property management company on behalf of the Property owner regarding Notary public, Lawyer, fees and tax in Courts, preparation of expertise report, Commission fee paid for the real estate agent during renting shall be paid by Property owner


It is obligatory to control and ensure the rental income arising from renting of the Property belongs to its Member, the costs like electricity, water, natural gas costs to be paid by the tenant on a regular basis every month.

Tax belongs to the property needed to be paid shall be reported and paid to the necessary official institutions and organizations.

In order to meet the Rental Incomes of Property Owner and the Expenses that belong to the Property, Management company is liable to open an account for meeting the income and expenses of this mentioned property and liable to share online banking passwords with Property owner. (Property owner may use it only for control purposes)

All the Income and Expenses belongs to the Property is covered from this account on a monthly basis.

In accordance with the Request of the Property owner, as a result of Monthly Income/Expense report belongs to the Property, it is liable to resetting the monthly balance sheet to zero by taking the 3-month/6-month/9-month or 1-year rental income from a bank account, information of which will be notified to Management company. (Between 10th and 15th of each month)

Annual account of statement shall be delivered to Property owner not later than 2nd /3rd quarter of the following year.


are Preparation of Real Estate Evaluation Reports of the Property, increase of property investments of the Property owner by ensuring the Property owner to be credited by Banks or private institutions or organizations by benefiting from Annual Income/Expense balance sheets and by providing financial solutions.


Reporting of all the transactions of Property owner regarding the Property through the system,


is the display and monitoring of all transactions of Property owner made through the Property management system used by Property management company